Wicked Wahine Perfumes

Wicked Wahine Perfumes

"Wicked Wahine Original Perfume has been a renown legend of Hawaiian magical aura for decades. This alluring, exotic scent remains as contemporary as an island flower lei mixed with a power of ancient chants and moonlight hula dancing, surrounded by powerful longing for infinity and indetectible clouds of mysterious Hawaiian plants and herbs burnt in fire by a skilled island kahuna. Some of our customers claim that the Wicked Wahine fragrance is miraculously saving families, returns loved ones and brings back most precious memories." [Lanawiliama]

Wicked Wahine Perfume - The Original Formula
Wicked Wahine Perfume - The Original Formula

Customer Favorite.
Legendary Fragrance.

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Coconut Pineapple Scented Lip Balm by Wicked Wahine
Coconut Pineapple Scented Lip Balm by Wicked Wahine

Coconut Pineapple Incense Sticks by Wicked Wahine
Coconut Pineapple Incense Sticks by Wicked Wahine

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Wicked Wahine Original Perfume Set of Two - Free Ship

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Wicked Wahine Original Body Lotion


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The first Wicked Wahine perfume is back in it's original perfume from is glory days when Wicked Wahine scent was the 1st and most adored Hawaii perfume. Since the times of Hawaii Five-O with "Book'em Danno" and Tom Selleck In Magnum P.I, Wicked Wahine perfume has brought back so many memories of their trip to the Hawaiian islands. No other perfume can recall the feelings of warm moonlite nights on golden beaches like Wicked Wahine. Really a mystery in a bottle, the Wicked Wahine perfume is all things exotic, tropical, and romantic in one savoury scent that smells divine, but a little wicked too.

If you have not attempted to try the Wicked Wahine scent, then you do not know what thousands of islanders and Hawaii visitors alike know ; Wicked Wahine scent is all things Hawaii, and if you had to put Hawaii in a bottle, it'd be called Wicked Wahine.

Wahine is the Hawaiian word for woman and wicked means this scent is a little wilder than your average perfume.

* Wicked Wahine Perfume is Hawaii's premier perfume for the loveliest and attractive wahines in the Islands and on the Mainland since 1966.

* This is an ideal smell for the evening - it's kind of richer, spicier and well... wicked!
* A Hawaiian Classic. It's Hawaii's First Scent
* Wicked Wahine is an exotic and sensual mix of Floral / Oriental scent with top notes of Frangipani and Orange on top of Night Blooming Jasmime. The Yang Yang flowers are mixed with additional Jasmime, Rose and hints of Tuberose to make the center of the perfume attractive and unique. The dry down is a rememberable long lasting mix of Sandalwood, White Musk and Orange Flower.

I purchased some Wicked Wahine Perfume for my girl friend and she was wearing it when we went to the lake that weekend. I found her even more impossible to resist than common. What a great weekend.

Wicked Wahine is superb. It's a mix of sensuous wickedness and involuntary class. Wicked Wahine is wicked and hypnotizing.

This is the AUTHENTIC original Wicked Wahine perfume first launched in 1968..and has been wildly preferred ever since. We sell this in our shop here on Maui, and often have purchasers asking for it by name. It was temporarily dropped in 1986, but customer-driven demand brought it back for us to enjoy again!

Picture yourself on a tropical night in the islands, beside the sea with palm trees swaying, the moon overhead, toes in the sand........and you will have the smell of this perfume! A blend of orange flower, romantic rose, exotic night-blooming jasmine, and just the right mixture of white musk and sandalwood... Soo good it's "wicked"!

A delicious mix of orange flower, rose and night-blooming jasmine predominate over a base of white musk and sandalwood.

An alluring mixture of known aphrodisiac smells that many customers rave about. Long lasting perfume-strength three oz. spray bottle. Appealing and unforgettable...A refined hint of orange flower, romantic rose and exotic night-blooming jasmine mixed with white musk and sandalwood...An attracting mix for the extraordinary lady. Undying and inviting, like the moon over a white sandy beach, the first Wicked Wahine perfume has charmed girls around the planet since 1968. buy wicked wahine perfume, new wicked wahine coconut pineapple perfume, royal hawaiian perfumes wicked wahine, royal hawaiian wicked wahine perfume, where can i buy wicked wahine perfume, where to buy wicked wahine perfume, wicked wahine coconut pineapple perfume, wicked wahine cologne mist, wicked wahine hibiscus perfume, wicked wahine original formula hawaiian perfume, wicked wahine original perfume, wicked wahine papaya passion perfume, wicked wahine perfume canada, wicked wahine perfume coconut pineapple, wicked wahine perfume hawaii, wicked wahine perfume papaya passion, wicked wahine perfume review, wicked wahine perfume sale, wicked wahine rose perfume,